5 Best Humidifiers For Your Bedroom

52d58374dbfa3f5b120000cc._w.540_s.fit_[1]Bedroom is the place where you need to relax and unwind. So, the atmosphere around you should be comfortable as well as relaxing. But often in the winter months, due to excessive use of the heater, the moisture level in the air decreases a lot. This causes a lot of irritation and uncomfortable situation. Often you are not able to breathe properly, have excessively dry skin, sinus pains, cracked lips, and many other problems. In order to get rid of this situation you should use the best humidifier for bedroom. This will make the time you spend in your bedroom a lot more comfortable and relaxing simply by increasing the moisture level.

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Humidifier?

When it comes to choosing the best bedroom humidifier, you need to think a lot before making a purchase. There are some of the features which must be considered before buying a humidifier for your bedroom. These are –

  • Quiet operation: This is very much important for you if you are a light sleeper. Everyone prefers to have a quiet bedroom with no noise or continuous sound. So, you need to consider a humidifier for your bedroom that works silently without making any noise or disturbances.
  • Timer Settings: Many humidifiers come with this feature. You can set a timer for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. As soon as the timer reaches the point, it automatically shuts down. This is really great as you do not have to wake at the middle of the night to turn off the unit. It will also save energy as well as create a comfortable atmosphere around you.
  • Comfortable Humidity Level: The humidifier you choose must have the ability to create a comfortable level of humidity in your bedroom. The most important thing is that humidity level in the bedroom should be maintained within the range of 30% to 40%. So, while picking up the humidifier for yourself you have to look for this option very consciously.
  • Size: Choosing the right size according to your bedroom is very much important. It is better to look for the coverage capacity of the humidifier before buying it. A smaller coverage humidifier will not give you enough moisture level and a larger capacity will provide with too much moisture level.
  • Warm or Cool mist: This is more of a personal choice than a must one. Before buying, you have to make sure that you are choosing the cool or warm mist based on your preferences. Not all humidifiers provide the same type of mist and that is why you have to make the right decision. If you are still unsure which type to choose, check out this article. It contains a comparison of both types, their pros and cons.

So, these are 5 things you need to consider while buying the bedroom humidifier. You can go through the bedroom humidifier reviews below to learn more about the best bedroom humidifiers and their features.

Reviews Of Top 5 Bedroom Humidifiers

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic Humidifier - Warm and Cool MistThis is one of the best humidifiers that you can select for your bedroom. It comes with some great features and technologies.

Capacity: The unit has a capacity to humidify a room of 600 square feet.

Timer: It also allows you to set timer from 1 hour to 8 hours of continuous operation.

ITC Technology: The Intelligent Temperature Compensation or ITC technology allows the humidifier to regulate the humidity level automatically.

The sleep mode: This option will help you get a comfortable sleep with the right humidity level for you.


  • This ultrasonic humidifier comes with surface touch control which can be very sensitive and thus needs proper care.

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Air-O-Swiss AOS S450 Digital Steam Humidifier

Air-O-Swiss AOS S450 Digital Steam HumidifierLike the previous humidifier, this one also features an intelligent operation mode which helps to adjust the humidity level automatically.It ensures a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom.

Capacity: The humidifier is ideal for rooms up to 860 square feet. 

Clear Mist Technology: The unit produces only warm mist instead of burning hot making it safe for both young children and pets.

No bacteria: 21-degree F mist provides a bacteria and mineral-free humidification.

Auto-Cleaning Mode:  The humidifier is cleaned and decalcified automatically.

No white dust: The best thing about this humidifier is that white dust is not emitted. You can sleep at night without any irritating allergies.


  • This thing is quite a bit louder than the other Ultrasonic Air-O-Swiss humidifiers.
  • Unlike other Air-O-Swiss humidifiers, this one does not allow you to direct the flow of steam exiting the unit. It just floats straight up out of the top.

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Optimus U-31002 Cool Mist Humidifier

Optimus U-31002 1.5-Gallon Cool Mist Ultrasonic HumidifierThis is another best humidifier for bedrooms. This model comes with some great features. Besides, it comes at a very affordable price.

Capacity: The unit has an output capacity of 1.5 gallon which is perfect for a bedroom.

Operation Time: It can operate continuously for 18 hours. It also comes with a timer option for a better convenience.

Automatic Off:  When the water level gets low the humidifier will shut down automatically.


  • The humidifier can produce some bubbling sounds.
  • The tank has no handle for comfortable gripping.
  • The LED light is way too bright and can not be turned off, which can be a problem for light sleepers.

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Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier HCM-6009

Honeywell QuietCare Humidifier HCM-6009, 9-Gallon

Capacity: It has an output capacity of 9 gallons per day and can humidify a room which is about 2300 square feet.

Adjustable Humidity: The humidity level can be adjusted manually with 3 moisture setting options.

Quiet operation:  The unit operates almost 30% quieter than the other models available today in the market.

Filtration: If you have problems like asthma and allergies then this is a good choice. The humidifier comes with an antimicrobial-treated filter. This helps prevent the growth of fungus, mold, bacteria and algae.


  • The design of the product is a very basic one;
  • The filter needs to be cleaned and/or replaced frequently;
  • Some reviewers state that the product can vibrate sometimes and this results in an unpleasant sound. To avoid this you should place it on a non-wooden or ceramic surface.

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SPT SU-4010G Dual Mist Humidifier

SPT SU-4010G Dual Mist Humidifier with ION Exchange FilterOur list ends with an amazing humidifier featuring both warm and cool mist options. You can choose the one you like or even alternate them according to your needs. This unit also comes with an ion exchange filter, is energy-efficient and very easy to clean.

Capacity: The product is designed  to humidify a room with an area of about 500 square feet. The water tank capacity is 4 liters.

An adjustable humidity level: The humidifier has an adjustable knob and a nozzle that rotates in a 360-degree range.

Quiet operation: The humidifier works extremely quiet without making any kind of noise which is perfect for bedroom.


  • The tank is not easy to refill.
  • You need to change filters regularly.

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