All You Need To Know About Holmes Humidifiers

Holmes-Humidifier-Logo[1]Holmes group  is  a well-know American company established in 1982. Nowadays, it produces high-quality mechanical fans, air heaters, humidifiers, and more.

The Holmes humidifier is, no doubt, an ideal appliance to invest in if you want to make your house comfortable during hot summer or harsh winter months. It is an award-winning humidifier made of highest-quality materials. Holmes products guarantee to provide you with the right level  of humidity throughout the year, preventing you and your family from developing health problems, such as scratchy throat, coughing, and even symptoms of hay fever.

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This brand of humidifiers is available in many types, including  cool/warm mist and ultrasonic Holmes humidifiers.

Humidifiers-table (1)Holmes cool mist humidifier works by gently releasing invisible mist into the air. It is ideal for hot summer months because of the cool mist that moisturizes and refreshes your indoor environment. This type of humidifier is also known as the evaporative wick one.

Holmes warm mist humidifier works by releasing relaxing, visible warm mist. This type of humidifiers is perfect for using during cold winter months. It activates a boiling process which gets rid of impurities in the air while simultaneously emitting fresh, warm vapor into the room.

Holmes ultrasonic humidifier is a quiet and effective type of humidifiers. When a transducer vibrates water at ultrasonic speed, it produces pure, refreshing visible cool mist.

The main advantage of Holmes humidifiers is that they will moisturize the indoor air in your house evenly and effectively.

Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier HM1865-NU

This is a high-grade humidifier manufactured by Holmes. It has modernized features and is very user-friendly. In addition, the humidifier is programmable, which makes its control very comfortable.

Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier HM1865-NUPros:

  • It has a clear LCD display that is why you can easily see all the settings.
  • Its filter is fitted with antimicrobial protection as well as Arm and Hammer baking soda. It will purify the air in your home efficiently and you will feel the benefits only moments after you turn it on.
  • The device has a high-capacity tank. It can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water. Moreover, you can set the humidifier to work at three different speeds and it will not stop up to 48 hours!
  • It is quite affordable.
  • An ideal choice for large rooms.


  • You cannot use essential oils with this humidifier. Thus, it is impossible to use this appliance to release flavored mist into your room.
  • Its hygrometer is a little flaky. It jumps around periodically as you use it.

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Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HMW6008-NUM

If you are looking for a mid-priced but a high capacity humidifier, this one is perfect for you. With a capacity of 2.3 gallons or 8.7 liters, HMW6008-NUM can hold enough water to work for a long time with a very little maintenance. It has an attractive design and a large, easily usable knob. If you want to fill your room with a warm mist, this is the perfect device for you.

Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier HWM6008-NUMPros:

  • Made in an electronic white color, the humidifier comes with two speed settings.
  • Due to its high capacity tank, you can keep this amazing humidifier running up to 24 hours.
  • It is a good choice for harsh winter months. It can effectively prevent you from coughing, scratchy throat, and flu.


  • The heating element in this humidifier is positioned on its upper part. That is why it gets really hot and if you touch the humidifier you can burn yourself.
  • Works the best only for small rooms.

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Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier HM1761-NU

This humidifier can ensure that your indoor air will never have germs or dust particles floating around due to utilizing an Antimicrobial Product Protection Additive. Moreover, it is capable of running all day and night without requiring you to refill it.

Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier HM1761-NUPros:

  • The humidifier has two settings to control the speed of the fan and the moisture release mechanism.
  • It is the cheapest one in our list!


  • The humidifier was designed only for small rooms.
  • If you forget to dry out the filter, it will become moldy and fall into disrepair in a week or less. Thus, you should take out the tank and turn on the fan to dry the filter regularly.

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Holmes Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier HM500TG

There is no other personal humidifier that is as greatly designed as this one. It has a round ergonomic shape and is very compact.  The humidifier is fitted with a handle, that is why you can easily move it around or take it with you while traveling.

Holmes Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier HM500TG, 0.4-GalPros:

  • It is very quiet.
  • Perfect for personal use or small rooms.
  • The mist released by this amazing appliance is quite visible and released rapidly due to the utilization of high-frequency vibrations.
  • It is an energy-efficient device.
  • It can run for 18 hours without refilling.
  • The humidifier is filter-free, so you will not spend money on optional appliances.


Its power light is quite large. Thus, it is distracting when you sleep with the appliance right next to you. Moreover, some customers say that the appliance does not last for 18 hours as stated. They indicate that it only runs for 7 hours before requiring refilling.

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Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier HM1300BF-UM

This humidifier is another good one to be used in small rooms. It is capable of holding up to one gallon or 3.8 liters of water. To keep you and your family healthy, this device makes use of an antimicrobial protection additive or is accompanied with Arm and Hammer baking soda to help control odors (depends on the model you choose).

Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier HM1300BF-UMPros:

  • This humidifier can last for up to 24 hours non-stop.
  • It has two settings that allow you to set the preferred speed.
  • The mist is cool and ensures that the room remains fresh and comfortable.
  • Its tank is shatterproof.


  • This humidifier has a bit loud fan. It can distract you trying to sleep with the appliance running.
  • It also has a filter that needs to be replaced frequently.

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