Objecto humidifier reviews

The Objecto company is located in the heart of New York’s district named after a wedge-shaped building, Flatiron. New York is a creative city of our dreams, so the company has something to take inspiration from. They have many extraordinary ideas to implement in their products. Their goods are trendy, stylish but at the same time practical and useful. This is what makes them very desirable. The Objecto company offers hybrid, ultrasonic, tower or spiral humidifiers, and also panel heaters. If you feel uncomfortable at your own home, then it is time to have a look at these products. Not only will they make your environment enjoyable and cozy, they will also perfectly blend in with any design at your home. You can even bring nature to your apartment or house with the help of Wood Collection if you prefer to be closer to it. From classic to modern looks, they give a choice to any taste.

Top 3 Objecto humidifiers

1. Objecto H5 Spiral Hybrid Humidifier 

Objecto H5 Spiral Hybrid Humidifier The Objecto humidifier can easily be in harmony with your home décor and bring the fine visible cool mist at the same time. You can place it in the kitchen, family room or even great room. You can differentiate vapor output settings without a problem. There are different colors for the high, medium or slow mist modes. This model has a perforated metal covering and side window unit so you can see the level of water in the tank because of its special design.

Such a humidifier will be good for small or medium apartments because it humidifies rooms up to 650 sq. ft. As it works quietly, you can use it in your bedroom or nursery. It has a portable anti-bacterial water reservoir, so it is easy to fill and clean it. The anti-bacterial technology will help you to fight the growth of any buildups. It will be even better if you add some vinegar in the tank, leave it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it with the water, and wipe it dry. The tank’s capacity is 2.6 liters, that makes refilling not a hard thing to do. The humidifier will work for 20 hours per one filling so you will need to refill it every day. If you care about our environment and are eager to save energy, this product is just for you. It has an automatic shut off option for an empty container. The humidifier has a simple touch control for a night light. These lights may be disturbing for some people at night. Just switch them off if they are the reason why you have insomnia. This model has a timer function so that you can put it on a 2-hour or 4-hour shut off or continuous 20 hour running. You don’t need to buy and replace filters all the time as this product doesn’t require any. Its weight is 4 pounds.

Why is it a hybrid humidifier? If you are a keen of using essential oils, then it will be surprisingly nice to use this humidifier as an aroma diffuser too. Aromatherapy helps you to treat some diseases with the help of natural oils. As a good addition, you will get fantastic fragrances in your room. It is easy to use the aroma tray and replace the tabs.

2. Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier 

Objecto H3 Hybrid HumidifierThis humidifier is both modern and functional. It is sleek, and its shape reminds of a drop. It is beautiful and looks like a piece of sculpture, so you can bring art into your home. You can see vapor coming out of the humidifier, this is how you know that it is working as it is whisper quiet. It will emit a fine, chilly mist into your room. You cannot humidify the whole apartment with this humidifier, but you can use it for a room up to 350 sq. ft. This model has 3 modes that control vapor output. Choose the high option if you want your unit to humidify the room quickly. You can use middle or slow mode if you want to humidify your room gradually.

On top of that, this model indicates the corresponding color when a particular mist mode is on. You can choose the duration of your humidifier’s work as it has a timer. It will work for 2 or 4 hours, or continuously for 18 hours. The Objecto H3’s reservoir can contain 2 liters of water. It is easy to take the water tank out for refilling and cleaning it. You just need to unscrew the upper part of the humidifier and get the container out. This model will not work if its water tank is empty. It has an automatic shut off mode for that.

The reservoir has a special anti-bacterial surface so it will prevent mold growth. You still need to look after your humidifier regularly if you want it to work for a long time. You don’t need to bother yourself about buying a new filter for replacing an old one. This product doesn’t need any filters at all.

The Objecto humidifier can work as an aroma diffuser as well. Such a function is very useful for our health. The humidifier itself helps us if we have dry, itchy skin and lips, sore throat, allergies and sinus problems. As an aroma diffuser, it helps you to relax and sleep better, improve your mood, your immune system and cognitive function, prevent from catching a cold or flu, relieve pain and so on. You just need to use a particular essential natural oil for the corresponding problem. It is easy to get the aroma tray out and put some oil in it. Relax and enjoy the scent and get all possible benefits for your health.

3. Objecto H4 Hybrid Humidifier

Objecto H4 Hybrid HumidifierThe Objecto’s manufacturers made sure that their products will harmonize with any interior design, will fit in any room. This humidifier is not an exception. It looks so elegant, and its shape is so refined. Not only is it beautiful, it also has many functions that help to improve your health and environment.

It looks subtle so you may think that it is not powerful enough. But it can humidify room up to 450 sq. ft. So it will be perfect for an entire small apartment or a big room. This model has a remote control, which gives you access from any place you are. Just switch this unit on, and it will deliver even cool mist into your room. You can find a mist setting button on the remote control. Each time you press the button, you set vapor output on high, low or slow. The high option is on if you see a blue light. If the indicator is yellow, then the low setting is on. Finally, when you see a flashing yellow light, it means it works on the slow mode. The H4 has a timer option so you can shut it off after 2 or 4 hours of work or switch continuous running. Each time you press the button the corresponding setting will work. If the indicator’s color is yellow, it means you’ve chosen the 2 hours option. If it flashes yellow color, then you’ve set it on the 4 hours option. There is no light when it runs in continuous mode.

You will need to refill the water container every 20 hours. But don’t worry as it is easy to remove, clean and fill the water tank. The reservoir capacity is 2.3 liters. When the container is empty, the power button will be red, and the alarm will beep 5 times. Afterwards, it will just shut off. It is quite expensive to fill the tank with filtered water. As this product has an anti-bacterial technology, you can even use tap water when refilling. You don’t need to worry about mineral buildups. It is very convenient that this model doesn’t have any filters. You don’t have to think about buying a replacement for it.

You can use this humidifier for aromatherapy. Using it for this purpose is simple. All you need to do is to get the aroma tray out of the base, put any oil you like and enjoy it.