PureGuardian humidifier reviews

PureGuardian is a company that produces products for your home like ultrasonic humidifiers, air purifiers, aroma diffusers and oils, UV air sanitizers, True HEPA filters, and accessories. They are guardians of our health, comfort, and happiness in the truest meaning of those words. All these products are beneficial for our health condition. It is very important what air we breathe. Such products make sure that we will get only the best out of it. These devices will prevent you from catching a cold or flu, having allergies and asthma, breathing problems or sinus diseases. They will improve your dry skin, lips, throat problems and so many others. If you have any of the above-mentioned issues, then the humidifier should be a must-have product at your home. The air at your apartment won’t be stuffy and dry anymore, and you will be getting more beauty sleep.

PureGuardian’s signature is the Silver Clean Technology, which prevents bacteria from breeding on the tank’s surface. It is only one of their many creative, innovative and safe technologies. The company’s goal is to create the best home environment for their customers along with superior service.

Each humidifier can offer specific feature to your needs and comes in different sizes so you can bring it with you anywhere you want.

Top 5 PureGurdian humidifiers

1. PureGuardian H940 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian H940 Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierThe H940 should be used in small rooms to get the finest cool vapor. In the blink of an eye, you will find yourself in a comfortable and nice environment. Not only will it make you and your family happy, but it will also make your pet’s life easier, and your furniture will thank you. This humidifier will be perfect for offices or while travelling, too. The Ultrasonic Technology makes the device’s work whisper quiet so you can place it in your baby’s room or bedroom. You don’t need to worry that it can wake you or your child at night.

This product will humidify your room quickly and evenly. The PureGuardian has a mist nozzle so that it will deliver the mist in only one direction. You can choose what area to moisturize by placing the humidifier where you need and using the mist nozzle option. This model has 3 fan speed settings for customizing desired vapor output. For your information, the higher the setting, the less time the humidifier will work.

This humidifier will need 5 gallons of water to run for 30 hours. It has a useful option of auto shut off. When the tank is empty, the humidifier will automatically switch off. The indicator will show you when the reservoir needs a refill. Your life will be a bit easier because it is not difficult to refill, clean and carry the tank. The Silver Clean Technology stops bacteria from growing. This technology simplifies maintaining the container. It doesn’t mean that you will never need to clean it. You have to look after your humidifier from time to time.

Is it difficult for you to fall asleep because of any noise or light? The PureGuardian humidifier has a solution to these obstacles. All you need to do is to press the on/off night light button, and all your problems will disappear in a heartbeat.

2. PureGuardian H965 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian H965 Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierThis humidifier is more powerful and perfect for medium or small rooms. The Ultrasonic Technology will make sure that the humidifier will emit fine cool mist quickly and whisper quietly. These features make the humidifier appropriate for any kind of room and at any time of the day. Its design is compact so that you can put it anywhere you want.

Unlike other humidifiers, the H965 has a maximum daily output of 3 gallons. It is not without its own drawbacks, as the tank capacity is only 1 gallon. That means it will work for 8 hours on one refill on its maximum output. Refilling a humidifier 3 times a day… Sounds inconvenient, doesn’t it? But it can also spend that 1 gallon in 70 hours! Of course, this is the most economical setting you can use, but it’s there. The duration of the humidifier’s work depends on atmospheric conditions, too.

Speaking of settings, it has 3 modes: low, medium and high. Surely, you already know a lot about PureGuardian humidifiers if you read about them. On the low mode, it will consume as little water as possible and spray into a fine mist gradually. On the high mode, it will use more water, but it will do its job quicker. Maybe the medium setting will be a sensible middle for you. The vapor will be spreading in more than one direction because it has a multi-direction mist output feature.

As you may expect, this humidifier is equipped with the Silver Clean Technology, which will not allow the tank to breed the mold and mildew. You will have to clean it eventually, but you don’t have to do it too often. Refilling it won’t be a problem either, thanks to the low water level indicator, which allows you to see when it is the time for a refill. More than that, it will automatically stop working when the reservoir runs dry.

Some people like to sleep with lights switched on and other people find it annoying. With the help of the on/off night light button, you will experience sweet dreams.

3. PureGuardian H920BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian H920BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierDo you have many houseplants at home? Are they yellow or never in blossom? If you want to see them as beautiful as they should be, you need to arrange a perfect environment for them. You might guess what can help bring your plants back to life. You are right, this humidifier will improve houseplants’ condition, and you can be sure that they will love it.

As they say, our home is our castle, and we should be comfortable and happy there. But what if your life is a nightmare because of the dry air in your own house or apartment? You would never imagine how many problems dry air at home generates. But don’t worry, everything is not lost! You still can save your castle and live a cozy pleasant life there.

If you need to humidify a small room, then H920BL is just what you need. As this humidifier is not too bulky, you can place it on the bedside table or your desk. Wherever you put it, it will perfectly blend in. You can have it as close to you as you like. In such a way, you will get a cool fine mist, thanks to the ultrasonic technology. Due to its quiet work, it won’t bring you or your children any troubles with sleep. This is why you can use this humidifier in your bedroom and nursery without any hesitation. It is worth noting that this model has a special nozzle that emits vapor in one direction.

The PureGuardian humidifier will protect you from the consequences of dry air for 10 hours on the low mode. One refill needs only .21 gallon of water. On the one hand, it is nice that you don’t have to carry a heavy container back and forth. On the other hand, if your humidifier works on the high mode, you will have to refill it several times a day. As you have already understood, the humidifier consumes a little amount of water on the low setting and a lot of water on the high setting.

Let’s speak about the reservoir’s features. First of all, PureGuardian’s signature is the Silver Clean Protection. You may be wondering “what does it protect?” This technology won’t allow any bacteria to grow in the container. Consequently, you will unburden yourself from the tank’s constant cleaning but not forever. Another useful option PureGuardian offers to us is the low water indicator. You will see when it is the right time for refilling the tank. On top of that, it has an auto shut off feature, which means as soon as the humidifier runs out of water, it will stop its work.

One of the features of this humidifier is the on/off light button. You are in charge of controlling the night lights.

4. PureGuardian H910BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian H910BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierDo you like traveling a lot? Due to H910BL’s compact size, you can easily find a spare room for your humidifier in the luggage. Next time you will stay in a hotel room, you won’t experience any discomfort. You can bring a part of your home with you, just take the PureGuardian humidifier for getting all the coziness out of its using.

The humidifier will emit cool mist fast and whisper quietly due to the ultrasonic technology. You have heard these two words ‘cool mist’ many times. What does it mean?

Cool mist can drop the temperature down a bit at your home. So it will be better to use it in the summertime. What is good about such a humidifier is that you or your child won’t burn yourself. Unlike warm mist humidifiers, these devices don’t heat the water up to deliver the vapor into the living space. Due to the Ultrasonic technology, it uses a metallic membrane vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency to break water into droplets and distributes cool mist into the air. Unlike cool mist humidifiers, warm mist devices encourage mold and mildew growth, which means it will need more frequent cleaning. People with an allergy would better avoid using it and get a cool mist humidifier instead.

This model will be ideal for humidifying small rooms. Unlike the previously mentioned humidifier, this one will run up to 14 hours on the low setting. You will need to fill only .21 gallon of water. If you switch the high setting on, then it will work for less time and will need a refill more than once a day. Atmospheric conditions may also affect the duration of the humidifier’s work. The humidifier has a directional vapor nozzle, which means that you can choose what part of the room has a higher priority for humidifying. The Silver Clean Protection technology prevents any bacteria from breeding in the reservoir. You can find an indicator that will let you know when the tank is empty and needs a refill. It will even automatically switch itself off when it runs dry.

You can even use this humidifier as a bedside lamp because of its glowing light at night. If you are one of those people who don’t like any lights when you sleep, just switch them off using the on/off night light button.

5. PureGuardian H1510 Ultrasonic Warm Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian H1510 Ultrasonic Warm Cool Mist HumidifierDo you want a multi-functional humidifier? Do you want to be warm in winter and cool in summer? This one device will give you a nice and cozy environment at home all year round. Think about it, you don’t need to buy 2 humidifiers for corresponding seasons. You will save money and space buying this model.

Р1510 is designed for using it in medium rooms. It is quite impressive, but do you want to know why? This humidifier has a bigger tank capacity, which means it will operate for a longer time. The reservoir can contain 1.5 gallons of water so that the device will work for 100 hours. You heard it right! Unlike other products, this model won’t need refilling it every day. The PureGuardian humidifier will work for 4 days but only if you use it on the low mode. Even switching the high mode on, you won’t need to refill it all the time. The amount of time your humidifier will work depends on the atmospheric conditions as well.

It is quite easy to use H1510 due to its adjustable mist output and direction control dial. So, you can adjust the desired amount of vapor that goes throughout the living area. The nozzle allows you to control the direction of the mist so that it will cover the needed space. You can switch from cold to warm mist output with a mere flick of your wrist.  There is a knob that controls the night light so you can have a soft dim light at night or you can turn it off at all.

The Silver Clean Protection technology prevents bacteria from growing on the surface of the tank. It is easy to remove and clean the reservoir. The indicator will illuminate when the tank is empty and automatically shut off.

You won’t need to spend money on buying filters, wicks or pads as this humidifier doesn’t require them. You will save your time because there is no need to clean or replace those parts.