What Is The Best Humidifier For Baby?


Nothing can be more important than creating a safe and healthy environment for your baby. When it comes to creating a perfect nursery, you should consider many factors. The climate of the room is of utmost importance for baby’s sound sleep and general health. You should pay special attention to maintaining the right temperature and humidity of the air. This article contains useful information on the best conditions for a baby’s room, if you are interested.

A humidifier is a unit that is helpful for easing the discomfort caused by asthma, allergies, dry skin, sinus problems, and other respiratory diseases. The humidifier will increase the humidity (moisture content) in the air which helps people in the room who are dealing with these problems. There are two types of humidifiers – cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers. Even though the mode of operation of these two types is different, their benefits are quite similar.

Speaking of the benefits, they are multiple, which is why it is highly recommended that every household should have an air humidifier. They are a necessity for nurseries too, as they are very beneficial for babies.

Why a nursery should have a humidifier?

Most parents will tell you that a humidifier is very helpful when their babies have a cold. But, you should know that a humidifier can help a baby sleep better whether he/she is sick or not. The air in a room becomes too dry in winter times. A lower humidity level in the atmosphere and heat produced by radiators draw out the moisture from the air in a room making it uncomfortably dry. And, this can be a cause of discomfort and poor sleeping cycle for the baby. This condition of the room may also result in the development of chapped lips, dry patches, and itchy skin. Thus, here comes the importance of the best humidifier for babies in a nursery.

There is also another advantage of keeping a humidifier in a nursery. When night falls, the temperature slowly drops and so you put blankets and warm clothes on your baby to make sure he/she does not catch a cold. But, this is an uncomfortable situation for your baby. When there is more humidity in the air, the temperature of the room automatically rises and you are left with a warm and cozy room. So, keeping a humidifier in the nursery would mean that your baby does not have to wear uncomfortable warm clothes and can sleep peacefully.

Things to keep in mind when using a baby humidifier

When using a baby humidifier, you have to keep some things in mind to make sure that the unit is helping your baby. So, here are tips how to use a baby humidifier correctly:

  • Removing stale water and any sort of mildew or mold is very important. Make sure to clean and then dry the humidifier on daily basis before using it.
  • Always use bottled or clean water. Tap water has minerals which will accumulate inside the humidifier and clog it. Besides, it also poses a risk for baby’s lungs lung because your baby will be breathing in mineral powder.
  • Lastly, it is very crucial to keep the humidifier away from your baby to avoid any kind of accident.

Now, that you are well aware of the fact how important a humidifier is for a baby, you must be thinking of buying one. So, the question running through your mind is – Which one to buy? Do not get stressed about it, as, for your convenience, here are some of the best humidifiers for babies:

Top 5 Best Humidifiers For Baby

Crane Hello Kitty Humidifier

This humidifier comes with a beautiful design which will definitely look good in your nursery. The unit produces a cool mist at a very fine level which means you cannot see it ,however, it will work effectively. The whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation of this humidifier ensures that your baby will not be disturbed during his/her sleep.

Crane 1 Gallon Humidifier (FFP), Hello Kitty Pros:

  • Even though the humidifier is quite small in size, it can hold around 1 gallon of water and last for 6-8 hours, which is very impressive.
  • The produced mist is safe for your child as it is not hot.
  • Provides a relief from cough, cold, and flu symptoms.
  • Supports easier breathing and congestion relief from allergy and asthmatic symptoms.
  • Comes at a very reasonable price.
  • There is no filter, so you will not need to spend extra money on its replacement.
  • There are a lot of animal modifications of this humidifier with a larger mist output, for example, an owl or an elephant.


  • The humidifier does not come with an auto-off option, so you will need to keep an eye on it.
  • The angle of humidifying is not adjustable, the mist blows straight up.
  • Since it is a cold mist, the water does not boil, so any bacteria stays in the tank.
  • It is difficult to refill because you must turn the tank over that means resting the tank on the handle, which puts a lot of pressure on it, or holding the tank in your hands while it gets heavy.
  • Hard to clean. The tank has a small round opening making it difficult to clean.

Crane Train Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Train one is a great baby humidifier as it is packed with lots of great advantageous features.

Crane Train Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierPros:

  • This humidifier produces a cool mist with the help of ultrasonic vibrations which is recommended for babies as the mist is easier and safer to breathe.
  • The device helps to relieve cough, cold, flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds and dry skin.
  • It is believed to be a recommended non-medicated alternative to over-the-counter cough and cold medicine.
  • Clean Control Antimicrobial Material ensures the reduction of bacteria and mold growth by an impressive 99.96%.
  • No optional filters needed.
  • The unit has a 1-gallon capacity and can run up to 24 hours.


  • The water tank is somewhat hard to clean and refill.
  • There are no locks at the top of the humidifier, that is why it is possible for a child to open the device.
  • The unit might have some slight noise.

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Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350

Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier, HCM-350Honeywell Germ-Free humidifier kills bacteria up to 99.9 %, making it the best humidifier for baby and the whole family. It runs quietly and you can use it even in a nursery without disturbing your child’s sleep. The humidifier can work for 24 hours after one filling, there is no need to wake up in the middle of the night to refill it, which is very convenient. Moreover, it is dishwasher approved and you can clean it easily with water and soap. The best thing about this humidifier is that it automatically adjusts the air moisture level.


  • The product is a bit bulky.
  • Works best only in small to medium-sized rooms.

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Kids Line All Sports Humidifier

It is a great little unit to have in a nursery. The design is quite unique and attractive. The humidifier is easy to clean and operate, it features an easy-to-refill tank with a water level indicator.

Kids Line Humidifier, All Sports Pros:

  • The humidifier has a 360-degree directional mister and a variable mist dial for the precise adjustments, which ensures that the whole room is effectively getting the right amount of the mist.


  • The water tank has a capacity to hold 84.5 ounce of water only which is not that impressive but still good.
  • The top piece of the humidifier comes off really easy and is ceramic or something similar, so it is easily reached by children and may be broken.

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Remedis Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifier is considered one of the best baby humidifiers due to some of its amazing features. This product comes with a great-quality stone filter, which actually helps keep the humidifier fully clean and avoid smelly water. The water tank capacity is 2.8 liters, a continuous work up to 8 hours. It is designed with 7 cozy LED lights and an auto shut off system, which are good features for the humidifier to be placed in a nursery.


  • It has an aroma diffuser, however, some customers want it to diffuse oils more efficiently.
  • Refilling of the water is no that easy, mainly due to the screw top of the filter and the diffuser tray which is hard to take out.
  • You do need to clean the filter regularly to make sure it is not clogged.

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